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July 03, 2011

Recruitment 100 new Seaman Sailor in Offshore Marine Company

An Offshore Marine Company Eidesvik Offshore recruitment 100 new Seaman or Sailor. The company has signed a contract with subsea contractor Subsea 7 on the hire of a new Ship and Crew. The contract is worth over a billion kroner, lasts for eight years and requires the recruitment of almost 40 new sailors.
It said by the head of the shipping company Eidesvik, Jan Fredrik Meling.

Because of Subsea 7's new major contract with Statoil for the maintenance, inspection and repair of Subsea installations in the North Sea, Subsea 7 made ​​long-term agreement with Eidesvik for hire of a new ship for this extensive Jobs.

In a view of Subsea 7-con Eidesvik has made ​​an agreement with Ulstein Verft for construction of a Subsea Vessels with an X-BOW design. Contract value of the building contract is in excess of 800 million with delivery in the fourth quarter of 2012, Jan Fredrik Meling says.

Builds four ships for 2.5 billion
Thus Eidesvik four ships under construction at a total value of 2.5 billion.
Two of the buildings are Supply Ships to be equipped with gas powered machinery. The third is a large Seismic Vessels.
All the four new buildings to be sailed under the Norwegian flag with the Norwegian crew on board.

100 new Seaman / Sailors
We need to recruit at least 100 new Seaman / Sailors, says Meling. He do not think it is difficulties in recruiting qualified Norwegian Maritime peoples of these modern, well-Equipped Vessels.
The new building which is contracted by Ulstein Verft to have cabin space for 90 people and is owned Equipment with remote undervassrobotar and a large tower for module handling under water.

Three ships to Subsea 7
Eidesvik has the three ships on long-term contract to Subsea 7
This enhances our profile as an international, industrial supplier to the steadily growing market for underwater operations, Jan Fredrik Meling said.

800 employees
Eidesvik Offshore operates 25 vessels within supply-, subsea-and seismic segment. The group has about 800 employees. Headquartered in Langevåg in Bømlo.
The contract between Subsea 7 and Statoil will be the happiness and activity in shipping company Havila. This Shipping Company has everything an appropriate vessel under construction, which can be put into work in the period before the new Eidesvik vessel is clear.

The Havila Shipping has thus signed a contract with Subsea 7 for subsea Havila for a period which starts in May 2011 until January 2013, with options for extension.
The new vessel Havila Subsea Havyard 855 design and under construction at Havyard Leirvik.

The vessel will be delivered from the shipyard prior to the commencement of the contract, after some adjustment of the equipment that the contract requires, it is stated in a message from Havilah.

Interest to join with this company, below the company contact:

Company Address:

Eidesvik Offshore ASA
Organisation en 986 942 785
N-5443 Bømlo

You can also contact them by e-mail:

Postal address:
Eidesvik Offshore ASA
Organisation en 986 942 785
N-5443 Bømlo.

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