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November 23, 2009

Seafarer certification (CoC)

Seafarers working on board a ship must have the valid certification or endorsements. In Singapore, these are issued by the Training Standards Department of MPA.

Seafarers working on board a ship are required to have a valid Certificate of Competency (CoC) or endorsement, which comply with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).
The STCW in Singapore

Singapore is a Party to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978 as amended. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is the authority responsible for implementing the STCW.

Having fully complied with all the revised provisions, Singapore was among the first countries that made it to the “IMO White List” in December 2000. Maritime training and certification of seafarers in Singapore fully comply with requirements of the STCW Convention.
MPA Training Standards Department (TSD) and its roles

The Training Standards Department (TSD) of MPA oversees maritime training and certification of seafarers.

TSD conducts assessments of seafarers to ensure that they have acquired acceptable standards of skills and competence to perform the required tasks on board ships. Simulator-aided assessments and oral examinations for officers sitting for the various classes of CoCs are conducted. The CoCs issued by MPA are in full compliance with the STCW requirements.

A CoC is valid for 5 years and has to be re-validated every 5 years (after passing medical, period of sea service, additional training if required) to enable the holder to qualify for sea service.

TSD issues endorsements to seafarers (who have completed specialised training in approved institutes, and met other requirements prescribed by MPA) to work on specialised ships such as petroleum, gas and chemical tankers (Tanker Endorsements) and passenger ships.

TSD also examines masters and deck officers working in regional passenger ferries for the Type Rating Certificate in accordance with the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (HSC). The Type Rating Certificate is route and craft specific and is valid for 2 years subject to renewal.

TSD also audits maritime training institutions that provide training for all classes of CoCs and STCW ancillary course.
Foreign CoCs

Under the STCW Convention, before recognising certificates issued by a foreign administration for employment on Singapore ships, MPA is required to evaluate the maritime training and certification processes of the country and sign an undertaking with its maritime administration.

MPA currently recognises certificates issued from 60 countries Singapore issued certificates have been similarly evaluated by foreign maritime administrations.
Singapore CoCs

Singapore CoCs are currently recognised by 62 maritime administrations to enable Singapore certificate holders to work onboard foreign flagged ships.
Recognised Ship Securtiy Officer (SSO) training institutes

1. STET Maritime Education Pte Ltd
2. Wavelink Maritime International Pte Ltd
3. Lloyds Register Asia
4. ABS Consulting, Asia Pacific, Singapore
5. Singapore Maritime Academy - CISCO
6. Marcor Group, Denmark
7. Seagull AS
8. Videotel Marine International

* Items 7 & 8 are distance e-learning programmes
Applications for Certification and Endorsements, Revalidation of COC, Tanker Endorsements

Applications for assessment of eligibility for Deck Officer and Marine Engineer Officer examinations should be made online through our e-services page (e-Certification for seafarers section).

You may also verify the COC and Certificates issued by MPA online through our Authentication of Seafarer Certificate e-service.

Training Standards Dept
Shipping Division
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
460 Alexandra Road #21-00
PSA Building Singapore 119963
Telephone: (65) 6375 6222 and (65) 6375 6223
Fax:(65) 6375 6231
Engineer Officers:
Deck Officers:

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